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A Content Management System (CMS) is web publishing application for adding, editing, and managing website content. This system is especially developed to manage the content of a website by non-technical persons. A very convenient user platform is created and embedded with features to perform multiple tasks and effect modifications in dynamic manner.

Main elements of a CMS:

A typical CMS comprises of principally two elements the content management application (CMA) and the content delivery application (CDA). CMA is the front-end user interface that enables a user, with negligible knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), to update, manage and edit content without the support of a webmaster. CDA component compiles the input information to update the website. Content management systems may differ in terms of their features but most of them are incorporated with format management, web-based publishing and reviewing, and revision control. Such systems are also embedded with indexing and searching document features, and can accept keywords and metadata for search engine crawlers.

MobyOtta Expertise:

MobyOtta lends its expertise for developing integrated content management system that serves the exact purpose of clients. Our software experts develop the system to help ease the process of website content management. The developed CMS application includes all the latest features that help users in:

  • Adding, editing and managing web contents
  • Content reviewing
  • Reverting to previous versions
  • Indexing, searching and retrieving of contents
  • Formatting texts

CMS designed by us includes all the latest features for simplifying the process for users having limited technical knowledge. Some additional features include format management, template creation, content modification tracker, and data indexing for convenient searching by authorized persons within the organization. In addition, we design the CMS for one-to-one-marketing as well. This is the ability of website to customize the content and advertise to a user’s defined attributes making the use of information furnished by the user and which is collected from the site.