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E-commerce is fast spreading its horizon across the world. The opening of business on online platforms have thrown open limitless opportunities for merchants and business houses contingent on conventional business methods. The emergence and growing marketplace presence has enabled end users to avail of wide range of choices.
With the movement towards e-commerce platform from the conventional business models, the demand for E-commerce Solutions is gaining a sustained upward trend. Recognizing the immense possibilities in this domain, MobyOtta provided its pool of IT, software and design professionals with intensive training and developed the expertise to deliver the best in the business.

Advantage of E-commerce:

If you are still doing the conventional way you are lagging behind your competitors in the market. Businesses dealing in products or providing services are moving towards the E-commerce platform. A website modelled on E-commerce empowers businesses, entrepreneurs, traders, and retails to reach a larger audience. With our E-commerce solutions you get an edge over competitors as it provides:

  • Greater access to target audience
  • National or global market reach
  • Enhanced business opportunity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Selling capability of wide range of products

Experts at MobyOtta are there to help you with maintenance or redesign of an existing website to entirely new e-commerce website development services. The E-commerce solution is provided with an appropriate software package that provides all the support required to launch, operate and manage the website effectively. Moreover the solutions also include:

  • Online storefront and payment processing capability
  • Web host
  • Inventory management
  • Customer relationships management (CRM)
  • Back-end functionality
  • Client database

One of the most remarkable aspects of the E-commerce software and solution is that the users require minimum technical skills to run and manage the online store.